BitWind provides wireless internet throughout Fremont County, Iowa, using line-of-site wireless technology. Over BitWind's 10+ years of operation we have seen many changes in equipment and technology. In the earliest days of our company, BitWind used equipment that was modified from short range operation to long range, outdoor function. The wireless internet industry has 'grow up' quite a bit from those days, and the latest generation of equipment is designed specifically for long range outdoor use and reliable uptime.

While the technology has changed over the years, our price hasn't. We initially offered 256Kb/s internet service for $30 per month. Today, we offer megabits of service starting at nearly the same price, with no hidden surprises like surcharges, taxes or fees. Other providers may promise 'lifetime' price guarantees but BitWind has never made that promise... we just deliver it. We can't say that our pricing will always be $35 per month, but our 10+ years of service has demonstrated our commitment to the principle of fair and simple pricing.

If reliable equipment and fair pricing aren't enough to convince you that BitWind's internet service is the right choice, then how about local, onsite service, by people who live right here in your community? Most larger providers use large call centers, manned by low experience technicians who read off of a script. With BitWind, you will almost always get a live person for support. But that support isn't just limited to a phone call! Because BitWind is a local company, we have onsite support and a wide range of other services to support your computer and technology needs.